A story of romance

We welcomed a lovely Canadian lady today who wanted to share her thanks for our help.  Of course, it's our job to help people explore and discover the hidden gems of our county and we were only too happy to advise how to travel to Orkney.  

At the time, she was unaware that you could travel to Orkney from John O' Groats.  The Museum reception team and our VisitScotland counterparts gave the woman the information she needed and off she went to explore Orkney.  Today she travelled back to see us and to tell us about her trip.  We were only to thrilled to hear that she had a wonderful trip after coming to Scotland to 'change her life' and it would seem she has absolutely done that as she met the man of her dreams on the ferry and is now engaged to be married!  We're so glad to have been part of their love story and wish them all the very best for the future.