One of our awesome volunteers has written (another!) book

Ian Casstles volunteers with us on a Friday morning and has a significant interest in the Norse history of Caithness.  So much so, that he's written two popular books on the subject!  While Ian is with us on a Friday, he chats with visitors and locals alike encouraging them to learn more about the history of Caithness and it’s people.  ‘The Katanes Saga’ is the second book from Ian who lives in Thurso and is a comprehensive follow up to his first publication ‘The Raven Banner.’  The books feature the chronicles of The Norse History of Caithness. 

Copies can be found in our gift shop, Bews newsagent and Newsbeat in Thurso.  The book costs £10.  If you're not in Thurso but fancy one, why not contact us and we can arrange the best way to get one posted to you.