We're a 5 star Museum, YEY!

We've been celebrating this month after receiving confirmation from VisitScotland that we've retained our 5 star VisitScoland Quality Assurance Award for the 9th year running. 

In recent years, the way the award has been graded has changed and now includes further categories in which the Museum must perform to an exceptional level to be in the 5 star category.  We’re especially thrilled to have retained the award considering the change to the points system and are now looking forward to a busy season ahead.

It’s brilliant to receive the award 9 years running, we're really pleased and proud of our wee team for their tremendous contribution. We find the written report really helpful too because although we're officially a 5 star rated Museum, we're fully aware that there is no such thing as perfection and there is always room for improvement.  The advice and recommendations given in the detailed report written by the VisitScotland Quality Assurance 'secret shopper' will allow us to continue to develop and better serve our customers.