We Need YOU: Help us create a mural representing Thurso

Breaking the boundaries of what is art and what gets shown in a gallery our next exhibition titled Graffito celebrates artwork that is available to everyone.  

Traditionally graffiti has been seen as anti social, fringe or even as  criminal vandalism, but with an emphasis on social inclusion, we are celebrating street, pop, comic and zine art as  mainstream art that will be hanging in our gallery. Literally meaning mark making, this is a multi coloured “on the wall” exhibition of all manner of graphic mark making and breaking the boundaries of what art is, and what gets shown in a gallery.  

We are aiming this exhibition at young people and the young at heart, as a way of inviting new and future audiences to a museum and gallery experience.

Marc Delaye of Freshpaint.org will be painting a large outdoor area behind the museum and this is where we need YOUR help. 

Can you contribute to our crowdfunding target of £600 to make this happen?