ARTIST ROOMS: Johan Grimonprez

Education and Learning programme

An education programme aimed mainly at young people took place during the ARTIST ROOMS: Johan Grimonprez exhibition. Several workshops were arranged, some of which were led by a professional photographer and film maker Mike Guest, (

The work produced during the workshops was then exhibited in the cafe and cafe corridor for the last two weeks of the exhibition. Please see below for details of what our young audience members got up to during the workshop.

Peters Pals – Young Curators Club members workshop - 8th April 2017

This initial workshop that took place was led by museum staff and used as an introductory session to introduce them to the ARTIST ROOMS: Johan Grimonprez exhibition and discuss the artist and his work.  As the age group is quite young the exhibition is challenging in its themes and of course none of them know who Alfred Hitchcock is! The themes discussed were therefore kept simple. The group discussed doubling and repetition and what it would be like to have a twin or a double.  The group were then given mirrors and cameras and worked in small groups to take photographs using the mirrors to give the impression of having a double. The group also worked on drawings using the mirrors to create doubling images of their hands, arms etc, self portraits and other objects.