High School Workshops

Farr High School and Thurso High School – led by Mike Guest

3 workshops over two days 9th and 10th May 2017

Mike Guest led the workshops which began with viewing the exhibition and a discussion about the work, mainly focusing on the video piece, Looking For Alfred (2005). Mike showed the group some of his own work with particular reference to film making.  The group then watched and discussed some animation and were then encouraged to form small groups and discuss ideas for a short animation of their own. The groups chose objects from around the Museum and Museum shop and developed narratives around these objects. They then worked using Mike’s equipment, cameras, tripods etc to create 3 stop motion animations.

The group worked together to discuss and decide on sound effects for the animations and then watched the animations back through. This in total took two workshop sessions to complete.

The third workshop session with this group was held in the Gallery alongside the Johan Grimonprez work. The session focused mainly on photography but also on identity. The pupils were shown how to take portrait photographs and how to use props, composition and photography techniques such as light and depth of field to create atmosphere and personality in the photographs. The photographs were projected on to the wall whilst editing techniques were used so the pupils were able to take part in manipulating all the photographs. The end results showed a collection of photographs showing real personality and character of the pupils.